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    Important Announcement Concerning our Pre-loaded Kodi Config

    We would like to inform you of some changes that we have made to our preloaded Kodi config. We like to think that the devices we sell run on great software and enable our customers to get the most out of what the internet and streaming services have to offer. We also believe that the XUUM hardware is one of the best around. The amount of flexibility the user has now when it comes to adding their own apps, games and Kodi add ons is unprecedented and this makes every users box unique.   In the market environment we sell these devices, adaptation is everything. We either adapt to the latest changes and react to current events, or we find ourselves suffering as a result. When it comes to Kodi, and particularly some of the add-ons that can be installed on Kodi,¬†we find ourselves at a crossroads, and the paths that lay before us¬†need to be chosen carefully.   We have decided to change the layout and contents of the preloaded Kodi config that¬†come with our devices.   Firstly, upon first launch, we have decided to give the option of a second config, that is, in-effect, a blank canvas. This is for users who want to build their own Kodi from the bottom up and have very specific add-ons they want to install and customise.     Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.38.11                 Secondly, our preloaded version will only contain add-ons from the official Kodi repository. The layout of the menu system will still remain practically the same, however, a lot of add-ons that may have given access to copyrighted material have been removed.           AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-10-30-17-31-0   AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-10-30-17-31-1 AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-10-30-17-32-0   Of course, users are welcome to add their own preferred add-ons to either config, and a video showing how to add a repository can be found here Users who are on the current version of our Firmware (anything before 1.1.9) won't see these changes, neither will users who use OTA updates to get the new version 1.2.0, unless OTA updaters then choose a CLEAN START within Kodi, or manually delete the data for Kodi.