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    Introducing Our Brand New XUUM User Interface

    We have been working tirelessly this past month to create a brand new, simple to use interface that is not only great to use but also improves stability for the XUUM, eliminating some of the teething issues that some users experienced with the previous platform Our newly designed, intuitive user interface uses an custom Android launcher which brings increased stability not only when booting¬†up but also¬†putting your XUUM into Standby. With Android as the main launcher now (previous version used Kodi as the launcher), Android Apps can operate in their own environment, with faster response times than before and no noticeable lag when moving between areas of the interface. AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-09-30-10-17-0 We have divided the home screen into seven easy to navigate sections. From Top left to bottom right, we start with Videos. This section contains popular video watching apps such as Youtube and Vimeo. Next we have our new SOCIAL area which contains a variety of social media apps, built in to the XUUM AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-10-01-14-56-0   As you can see, we have Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Phonegram, which is a great Instagram photo viewer. AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-09-10-22-18-1   Viewing Pinterest on your large screen TV in full HD is awesome. Simply start the app and login! AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-09-10-22-18-2   Moving across the home screen we have the settings window, then bottom left we have our new version of Kodi. AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-10-01-14-57-0   Our Kodi config is customised to make watching content as easy as possible. With separate titles for each type of viewing needed. Movies, TV shows, Sports, World TV and Music AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-06-15-15-52-3 AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-06-15-15-52-4     We have also made it easy to keep Kodi running smoothly with our Maintenance Tab. When we release an update to our Kodi config, just choose UPDATE under the maintenance tab. AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-06-15-15-53-0-2   Moving across from Kodi we have our Music area AVerMedia_Capture_snapshot-2015-10-01-14-56-3   This section has some cool music apps such as Spotify, Beats Music and Sound cloud The last window is where all your apps are stored. The bar along the bottom is where we have put the most popular On Demand subscription apps such as Sky Go, Netflix, BT Sports and Now TV (separate subscriptions needed) You can get this fantastic firmware¬†now by downloading from here with instructions for installing here