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    Re-install XUUM Firmware

    Guide to re-installing the XUUM firmware on your device

      Step 1.  Download the XUUM firmware from the following link: Firmware versions

      Step 2. Get an SD memory card that is at least 1GB in size Unzip or extract the downloaded firmware ZIP file to a location on your PC. Once unzipped, you will see you have 3 files. Copy these to your SD memory card.

      NOTE*: This step of unzipping/extracting the zip file is very important! On a PC, once you have downloaded the file, you should be able to right click on the zip file and choose ‘Extract all’ then choose a location where you want to ‘Extract/unzip’ the files to.

      Step 3. You should now have 3 files on your SD card called factory_update_param.aml, XUUM-model.zip and recovery.img. (You do not need to unzip the XUUM-Model.zip now on your card, just leave it as it is)

      NOTE: Please ensure that the 3 files are in the root of your SD card, and not stored within a folder on your SD card.

      Step 4. Slot your SD card into the XUUM and get yourself a matchstick, wooden toothpick, thin jewelers screwdriver or  a paper-clip. You’ll need this to reset the box.

      Step 5. At the back of the box you will see a hole labelled ‘AV’. Inside this hole, at the end, is the reset button (told you you’ll need that toothpick!) Insert your chosen device into the hole and you will feel a clicking button at the end. You will need to press and hold this button in a minute.

      Step 6. Ensure you have the HDMI cable plugged in now and the power cable in easy reach with one hand whilst you use your other hand to press the rest button with your reset tool.

      Step 7. Push and hold the reset button using your chosen tool then plug in the power cable, keeping the reset button pressed in during this process!


    Step 8. With the reset button still pressed using your tool, the screen should flash up an opening logo. Keep the reset button pressed until you see the following image of the Android figure stood up:


    Step 9. When you see the Android figure like this, you can remove your reset tool from the AV hole (and put it somewhere safe for next time). The progress bar below the Android figure will move to the right for a bit and then after about two or three minutes you will see a menu screen. Simply choose to ‘reboot now’.

      Step 10. Once rebooted you will see the XUUM splash screen. After about a 40 second wait you will see the welcome screen

      Step 11. Setup your wifi and display size and then follow the instructions for installing the XUUM config